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Easement and Boundary Disputes

Salt Lake City Easement and Boundary Disputes Lawyer

Utah Land Surveying Property Lines Attorney

Many disputes arise over easements, boundaries, or covenants existing in a deed or through the regular usage of property. When you are facing a dispute over an easement or the boundary of your property, our experienced attorneys at Crippen & Cline L.C. assertively pursue your interests. We have over 20 years of experience in handling easement and boundary cases in Salt Lake City and throughout Utah.

A boundary dispute could be the result of an erroneous deed, unmarked boundary lines, or boundary by acquiescence. When facing a dispute over an easement or boundary, we will assert your rights and protect your property. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Mistakes in deeds: Unfortunately, many boundary disputes are caused simply by an error in the deed. If land surveying was done improperly or if boundaries were improperly marked, a deed may improperly represent the intended property lines of the original owners. Our attorneys will explore all of your options and alternatives to resolving mistakes in a deed. We will work to protect your real estate investments and your future interest in the property.

Boundary disputes: A boundary dispute may arise if a landowner is building a fence and a dispute arises over the proper boundary. It may also arise if there is an encroachment onto the property. Our attorneys are experienced in handling boundary disputes resulting from errors in the deed, land surveying, property lines, property line and fence disputes, boundary lines, boundary markers, and boundary by acquiescence or fence lines.

Easements: An easement may be established through a deed, by regular usage of the property, necessity, or by license or permission. If you are seeking to prevent the use of an easement over your property or if you need to use an easement over another’s property, our attorneys can help you. We are experienced in assisting individuals or businesses that depend on the use of an easement or who are seeking to prevent the use of an easement through their property.

Covenants: A covenant in the deed may restrict property to certain uses or require that the property owner take certain actions with regard to the property. We are experienced in helping landowners enforce covenants or defend against the validity of a covenant on their property. Many covenants will arise in subdivisions or neighborhoods. When you are seeking to challenge a covenant or see a covenant enforced, we will assert your rights.

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