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Quiet Title Disputes

Salt Lake City Quiet Title Disputes Lawyer

Utah Real Estate Disputes Attorney

A quiet title action allows for the owner of a property or a third-party with a vested interest in the property to resolve a title dispute. A title dispute may involve an easement, a boundary, a lien on the property, or another defect in the title. If you are an owner, buyer, seller, or developer, our attorneys at Crippen & Cline L.C. can effectively assert your rights in a quiet title dispute.

A title dispute may result in a significant loss of property or financial investment in real estate. Our skilled attorneys will work hard to protect your interests and seek a successful resolution to your title or real estate dispute. Contact us today for a free consultation.

A title defect may prevent you from selling your property or may cause you future problems if left unresolved. Whether the title contains unreleased liens, the true owner of the property cannot be found, or there is an issue with a title transfer, we will work to resolve any defects in the title so that you can proceed in buying, selling, or developing the real estate.

We can assist you in all of the following involving a quiet title action:

  • Resolving a title dispute where the owner is deceased or where there are lost heirs
  • Removal of mechanics’ liens, tax liens and unreleased liens on the title
  • Representation of buyers or sellers in clearing title prior to a title transfer
  • Resolving disputes involving Uniform Real Estate Contracts
  • Quiet title to determine the true owner of property

Our attorneys are experienced in liens, titles, title transfers, constructive trusts and resolving defects in title through quiet title actions. When you stand to lose your interest in property or you are seeking to proceed with a real estate transaction that may be hindered by a defective title, we can protect your rights so that you can proceed quickly.

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