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How Do I Begin?

Utah Quiet Title Process

To start a quiet title action you should first contact our office, either by telephone or email. If necessary, we will set an appointment to meet in person to discuss your case. To proceed, we must receive a property description of the property at issue and a description of the title defect.

You may provide that information by any of the following means:

  • Scan and email a copy to
  • Fax a copy 801.322.1054
  • Mail or hand-deliver a copy to:
    Crippen & Cline L.C.
    Attention: Iris
    10 West 100 South Ste. 425
    Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Arrangements for payment and establishing a retainer can be arranged at the time of the initial contact. At the time we review your case, we can provide you with cost estimate and the amount of any retainer that may be required. Crippen & Cline bills on a flat fee basis for certain procedures that are common in quiet title actions. This means the a standard rate is charged, even though the charge may be greater if charged on a hourly basis. If additional non-itemized legal service are required, those services are charged at standard billing rates based on time and expense. For a list of current flat fee charges, please call or email our office.

If the quiet title action is contested, the cost of the work will usually increase, depending on the amount of work required to successfully complete the action. A contested action will almost always cost more than an uncontested action. If you would like to make special payment arrangements or have specific questions, please call our office at anytime.

Track Your Case

We will update you as your case proceeds, including emailing you as each of the following is completed:

  1. Complaint is filed
  2. Summons and Complaint is served
  3. Motion for Alternative Service submitted to Court (as applicable)
  4. Order authorizing Alternative Service is signed (as applicable)
  5. Publication begins (as applicable)
  6. Judgment submitted to Court
  7. Judgment signed

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